We repair all Samsung phone models

• Samsung S8 Plus • S8 • S7 Edge • S7 • S6 • S6 Edge • S6 Edge Plus • S5 • S5 Active • S4 • S4 Active • S3 • S2 • S

• Samsung Note5 • Note4 • Note3 • Note3 Neo • Note2 • Note1

• Samsung S5 mini • S4 mini • S3 mini • ACE4 • ACE3 • ACE2 • ACE • ACE Style

• Samsung A3 • A5 • A7 • J1 • J1 ACE• J1 2016  • J2 • J3• J3 2016 • J5 • J5 prime• J7 • J7 Prime

• Samsung Core Prime • Grand Prime and MORE

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Screen Replacement

Do you have a Samsung Phone with a cracked screen. Well it’s time for a new change-up. Repair Plus is a good choice for your broken screens. We replace a new glass and LCD. We also have good price for you.


Charge Connection

So, you can’t connect your device with your charger. Now, what’s next? Stop by our shop at Repair Plus to find ultimate solutions for your dock connector problems. If it does not work well, Repair Plus can help you to solve the problem. If you need help,please contact me.

Battery Replacement

The battery of your Samsung phone does not hold as expected. If your battery does not hold at least 4 hours, you may change new battery. Repair Plus provide a new battery for you.


Back Cover Replacement

Did you accidently scratched your Samsung phone back cover?Repair Plus can deliver you the fresh back cover so that you would feel like you have obtained a brand new Samsung device.

Home Button Replacement

If your Samsung galaxy phone home button stop working. Give Repair Plus a call and let our experienced technicians repair your Samsung galaxy home button.


Back Camera Repair

Back Camera play an important role on your Samsung phone. If the back camera stop working. How will you take photos on your phone? Give Repair Plus a call and let our experienced technicians repair your Samsung Galaxy back camera.

Repair Prices

Samsung screen replacement   From $70 GST included
Samsung Charging connection repair   From $60 GST included
Samsung power button repair   From $60 GST included
Samsung camera replacement   From $40 GST included
Samsung headphone jack repair   From $50 GST included
Samsung speaker repair   From $60 GST included
Samsung unlcoking   From $40 GST included
Samsung Google account unlocking   From $60 GST included
Samsung water damage treatment   From $39 GST included
Insurance report   $39 GST included